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We Will Pay Your Advertising Cost!

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If you don’t need company financing:

We suggest you order an advertising campaign at the same time you enroll. This way you can jumpstart your profits and start earning within 7 - 10 days of your campaign being sent out. When prospects start calling, we will close ali your sales for you while you sit back and collect HUGE cash commissions. Your cash commissions will arrive direct at your doorstep, or any address you choose, 6 days a week.

If you need company financing:

The company pays $299 for 200 flyers to be mailed for you. When your letters go out and prospects start calling, we will close all your sales for you and send your cash commissions to you, minus the $299 we paid to finance your mail campaign and the $50 finance fee. With the profits you earn, you can order more flyers and this time your address will be on the letters so your cash commissions will come straight to your door.

if you pay for your own advertising campaign, your cash commissions come straight to your door. If we pay for your campaign, we collect your cash commissions and send them to you.

If you don't make money, we don't make money. We are 1000% here for you!



As you see above, you get paid "TWICE" on every sale!


We do your mailing for you so it is INCREDIBLY EASY for you to succeed! Due to the low cost to join and no required advertising fees, the response rate is a steady 4%. Rates are actually more in the 6-8% range, but we will be conservative and use 4%.

Sharon made $6,700 in 28 days. She allowed us to share her story: 

“A few months ago, | joined at Level 1 and the company paid to mail 200 letters for me. | got 6 signups and earned $30 cash from each for a total of $180. Those 6 signups were added to my first Level downline. Several of those members joined at Levels higher than me so I did miss out on a few thousand dollars of commission. However, | made it a top priority to upgrade as soon as possible. In 7 additional days, a mailing was sent out for ali 6 of my first Level members. Collectively, they brought in 43 members and | earned $20 from each for a total of $860. I earned a total of $1,040 in 16 days! After paying the company back for my advertisement fees, I was able to upgrade and order an additional 400 letters. By the 4th week, | had earned $6,700, By the time you read this I am sure I will be a LEVEL 6 VIP member. My advice is to just get started today, even if only at Level 1 or Level 2,so you can experience the same results.” - Sharon Wilder, Freelance Writer, Wyoming

The company does all the work and everyone earns money! 

Let’s look at what another successful member, Mark, had to say:

“I joined 9 weeks ago at Level 3 and ordered 400 letters. I got 12 signups (three at Level 1, Six at Level 2, two at Level 3, and one at Level 4). Since I was not qualified to receive Level 4 commissions, I missed out on $600 but I did receive $400 from the Level 4 sale. It's great that you don't lose the full sale when someone joins at a Level higher than you, but you do lose the difference in the cost of the Level. In my case, it cost me $600 by not enrolling at Level 4 initially. Overall, | am pleased that | earned $1,890 in 11 days! Then, when those 12 people advertised, I earned over $2,000 additional from indirect sales, overrides, and upgrades. Here's the beauty of this setup: When my downline members who had only enrolled at Level 1 or Level 2 got a new signup for a higher Level, I earned the commission. On top of that, when they saw they were missing out on commissions, they immediately sent me money to upgrade. I immediately upgraded to Level 5 and I earned $41,000 last month. I am now a Level 6 VIP member and it only took me 9 weeks to get here. The company does all the work and everyone earns money! Every time you want to explode your income, simply order an additional advertising campaign.”






What is the best and fastest way to start making money with the program?

We've partnered with a reliable mailing house that handles all the work for our members. This means that you will never be responsible for mailing anything. There are no ads to run, no websites to put up, and no Internet advertising to hassle with. There is also no selling, no explaining, and no talking to anyone. All you'll ever do is let the mailing house know how many direct mail pieces you want sent out for you. It's as easy as 1-2-3.

You can have as few as 200 letters, or as many as you want sent out at one time. Remember, our trained staff members close 100% of the sales for you. So there is nothing for you to do but sit back and collect the giant cash commissions that will arrive like clockwork - direct to your mailbox, 6 days a week.

How can | earn an automatic residual income? 

The Overrides feature ensures that when anyone under you gets an enrollment at a higher Level than they are qualified, you automatically get the difference in the commission. For example, you are a Qualified Level 5 Member which means you earn $2,000 from direct sales and $500 for indirect sales. One of your enrollments (Bill) is only a Qualified Level 3 Member which means Bill earns up to $400 for direct sales and up to $200 for indirect sales. Bill gets a Level 5 enrollment. Well, because Bill is only qualified to get Level 3 enrollments, YOU get the $1,600 difference. Bill now regrets that he missed out on that $1,600 because he had not upgraded to that Level, and so he immediately upgrades to stop it from happening again. That means even more cash profits in your pocket because Bill sends you $1,600 when he upgrades to Level 5.

The Upgrades feature ensures that whenever someone under you upgrades, you get the difference. For example, when someone under you upgrades from Level 3 to Level 5, you immediately get the difference ($1,600). You just have to be enrolled at that particular Level they are upgrading to. Otherwise, it "rolls up" to your Sponsor or the next qualified person in your Upline. In other words, the higher Level you're enrolled at, the more money you'll be making on a daily basis. This is one of the main advantages of being a Level 6 VIP Member since you'll never miss out on any commissions and will always be receiving override commissions from multiple Levels.

          Do you realize that in this scenario, you have just earned $3,700 from the efforts of your downline member, Sill ? You didn't spend any extra money! ($1,600 that Bill missed from not being enrolled at Level! 5, plus $1,600 that Bill sent you to upgrade to Level 5, and the $500 that was due to you from the indirect Level 5 sate)

What if I can only afford to enroll at Level 1 or Level 2?

You make the most money being enrolled at the highest Level. However, we do understand everyone can’t afford to be a VIP member right away. Regardless of what Level! you start at, you can still earn a sizable daily income. However, the higher the Level you join at, the more you'll immediately begin earning in upfront cash profits and lifelong residual income. Remember, the amount you earn on each of the sales we close for you depends on what Level you're enrolled at.

Whenever your prospects join at a lower Level (or at the same Level) than you are enrolled at, you will earn the exact commission that the Level pays. However, whenever your prospects join at a higher Level than you're enrolled at, that commission will go to your Sponsor, or the next qualified person in your Upline. Another way of saying all this is that you are only eligible to earn up to the Level you're enrolled at.

This explains why it is a major advantage when you are enrolled at one of the higher Levels. Now of course, not everyone can afford to start out at Level 4 or Level 5. But that's okay. The most important thing is for you to just get started, Enroll at the Level that is most comfortable for you, knowing that you'll still be receiving commissions on every sale we close for you on that Level,

You can always upgrade once your profits are rolling in, which happens very quickly. In a very short period of time, you'll be at Level 6, which means you'll never miss out on any commissions and will always be receiving “override” and "upgrade" commissions from multiple Levels.

Is this legal?

Yes, absolutely! We are a training company that provides the blueprint for 30 Day Success. We offer live training events that are completely optional. We help you earn a passive income that lasts a lifetime, and you get rewarded every time you help someone else do the same. Passive income means you receive regular monthly profits without having to do manual work, The high-ticket, direct-sales industry has been around for decades and it’s getting bigger and bigger. We hold very high standards of ethical behavior, This program is not MLM, network marketing or cash gifting.

I've lost a lot of money in the past. Will this really work for me?

Yes! Trust in your heart that you have been blessed to find a program that actually works! Congratulations! The opportunity you have been waiting for is finally here, Don’t miss out. And if you take action within 7 days, we will mail out 500 letters for free if you Join at Level 5, OR if you join at Level 6, we will mail 1500 letters for FREE! You must mention this offer when you enroll.

What makes 30 Day Success Formula different than other companies I have been involved with?

Well for starters, we will finance your advertising campaign. No other company does that. We set you up for success because we know that if you make money, we make money, Another unique thing is that you con't have to be a sales person to earn a 5 figure monthly income. You don't need to call people, explain things or answer questions. You don't need to create a website, deal with confusing back offices, or get on time-consuming conference calls. Our program gets rid of all the obstacles and makes it a "Level" playing field for everyone. All someone does is enroll and have all the work done for them, which is what the average person wants anyway. We have real live customer service 5 days a week.

30 Day Success Formula is unlike anything you've ever experienced. We follow through, stay committed to you, and follow a strict belief that Honesty and a Supportive Environment make our members successful, which in turn allow Us to stay in business.